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Thursday, October 02, 2003

ADN Letter 'o the Day

Performing arts center would be a great place for a gaming hall

From what I read in the paper, it appears that the upcoming legislative session will be taking up the gambling issue again. Someone once suggested that the performing arts center could easily be combined as a gambling establishment and a PAC, which seems an excellent idea.

The center is a blatant, flashy structure without grace, charm, dignity or beauty. I'm sure had this project been submitted to a kindergarten class as a contest the kids would have come up with a more acceptable structure and decor.

After a few short months, that fancy roof had to be renovated at great expense because it leaked. The carpet, a special loomed job patterned from an artist's conception of Alaska wildflowers, hundreds of yards of it (and extremely expensive), hits you right between the eyes when you walk in the door -- talk about gaudy, busy and loud; it says it all. But we did save money on the benches -- it looks like they just salvaged them from the nearest park and painted them harsh green.

I have been in several performing arts buildings in various cities and, believe me, this one is truly an uncouth "I don't care how they do it in the Lower 48, Alaska-tacky."

I suggest we name it "Tony's Tavern & Casino -- Live Entertainment." After you have been seated and have recovered from the assault on your senses, you will truly enjoy the "Live Entertainment."

-- Lucille M. McConnaughey

Eagle River

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Alaska AG sez "We are not at war with tribes." We say bullshit.

State isn't waging war on tribalism by Gregg Renkes, Alaska Attorney General (and former lobbyist and former Senator Frank M. staffer and Yalie and who knows what else.
Read his column. We say bullshit.

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