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Friday, March 26, 2004

Tickling the Dragons Tail

Dr. Louis Slotin
Canadian Hero of the Manhattan Project

from this roof people have been looking at beautiful shining

"from the first look ghosttown seems like a normal town, someone put their washing hungs on a balcony, some windows open, other clothed, here is taxi stop, there is grocery store... then, you read this slogan on building- "party of Lenin lead us to the triumph of a communism"- that helps to realise that clothes hung on balcony for 18 years and that town is empty.."

THIS is what I call REPORTING

Mike Miller for Senate? Why not just HAND the election to Knowles?

According to recent reports the heir to the North Pole Santa Claus House fortune, Mike Miller (baby brother of the late Lt. Governor Terry Miller) has designs on the Republican nomination for United States Senate. Something about "I'm more conservative than she is," she being, of course, Senator Lisa Murkowski.
The question is begged: Does it matter how "conservative" Alaska's junior Senator is? I think not.
The real problem with conservatives is they are boxed into a couple of issues and really don't have any imagination. And if we need anything in our elected officials, it is imagination.
As Commissioner of Administration, Miller held the telecommunications portfolio, but to all appearances didn't do squat. Once more, oportuntiies lost. Oh yeah- he did toss the master contract with ACS. What a great move.
Mike, take it from this voter. Sit it out, no matter what that hot valley girl Sarah Palin says to you.