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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This is a little more like it

Not sure if I like the color scheme, bit at least I have the page looking decent.
Now all I have to do is pump out some content.

Where the hell have I been?

Man, if it isn't blog season in Alaska! What with the exciting governor race and all hahahahaha.
One supposes I should get back on the ball and type a line or two, which is exactly my intent.
I'm in fine company, considering a few of the other Alaskan bloggers out there, to who I really don't, nor won't hold a candle. I'll run them up the flagpole for you in a little bit.
Right out of the gate, I like Diane Benson - she's got my vote. I'll tell you why soon enough.
The enigmatic Sarah Palin, while piquing my interest early on is fading fast and well she should. Her recent "Open Letter" is going to be a hot topic on this page.
I havent used this thing for a while, so bear with me as we "get our blog (back) on."