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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Why isn't the race for University President getting more attention?

Now between the Irony Dog and the Iditarod, most Alaskans just aren't paying attention to the high stakes game being played by the University of Alaska and the Board of Regents.
"Call me Mark, not General" Hamilton has finally given it up (hey, if I had two retirements, I'd relax, too) and after a relatively (relatively?) hush hush process the Board of Regents picked three finalists from a pool of who knows how many (six); even Gary Stevens thought he was one of them.

Before we rehash what Progressive Alaska has been running I want everyone to look for themselves at the resume's of the official three finalists.

Friday, March 05, 2010


I just want everyone to know that I am moderating comments. Say what's on your mind, but I'll decide what goes on my blog.

Credit where it's due

Hi folks- Yes, I called Shannyn's show (at Metanoia2K's suggestion!). I found the palingates story yesterday and started boosting it on progressivealaska so you read about it there first :)
The irony of this whole Ironydog thing is, as most Alaskans know, that CITGO, God Bless Them (and the People of Venezuela) has ponied up where noone else would- right into the fuel tanks of Rural Alaskans.
The woman who was supposed to live in Juneau never had anything to say about people being cold and hungry out here and never had anything positive to say about the CITGO/Citizens Energy program.
But now, she's sucking up. What I will find really funny is if she says she didn't know that CITGO owns Mystik. Her other fall back, and true it will be, would be that Mystic Lubricants are made in America by American workers in American refineries.
But still, can we have a little consistency?

Thank You, Hugo!

Big tip of the ol' green visor to Palingates for nailing this one to the wall:
Sarah Palin's newest gig: Making a "mystik" commercial for the Iditarod 2010, and Todd Palin sponsored by the government of Hugo Chavez!