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Friday, March 05, 2010

Credit where it's due

Hi folks- Yes, I called Shannyn's show (at Metanoia2K's suggestion!). I found the palingates story yesterday and started boosting it on progressivealaska so you read about it there first :)
The irony of this whole Ironydog thing is, as most Alaskans know, that CITGO, God Bless Them (and the People of Venezuela) has ponied up where noone else would- right into the fuel tanks of Rural Alaskans.
The woman who was supposed to live in Juneau never had anything to say about people being cold and hungry out here and never had anything positive to say about the CITGO/Citizens Energy program.
But now, she's sucking up. What I will find really funny is if she says she didn't know that CITGO owns Mystik. Her other fall back, and true it will be, would be that Mystic Lubricants are made in America by American workers in American refineries.
But still, can we have a little consistency?

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ArmchairJane said...

Every bit of this kind of info helps to keep chipping away at Palin's supposed "energy expertise". If she claims she doesn't know about the Mystik connection, how can she claim she is ANY kind of "oil and gas expert"?

If she couldn't help rural Alaskan's heat their homes, how can she say she's an expert? If her best plan is for a gas pipeline to Canada, how can she says she's an expert? The list goes on.

It's a damn shame that in a state with these resources, supposedly managed for the benefit of the citizens, STILL there is no decent help for rural folks to heat their homes. Except, apparently from CITGO.