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Friday, February 27, 2015

Bun E. Back in the Band

Well, HERE is some good news!
Robin Zander tells the Eddie Trunk Podcast that the lawsuit brought by Bun E. Carlos against his fellow Cheap Trick band mates is settled!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Republican Plank

I am more and more convinced that the super double secret (spoken only after a certain handshake and then only between party elders) GOP Plank is this:
       "Every act of heterosexual intercourse shall result in a live birth."

Sunday, June 29, 2014

2014? Dude, where did the year go?

Well, another birthday and another Solstice gone by and all we have to look forward to is ANOTHER election...
It took me a while to figure THIS out, but hey, I am a little slow...The BIG winners in election years are (drum roll please) the owners of TV and Radio Stations. And it has been a consistent gripe of mine that a lucrative small business sector (local broadcasting) has been substantially taken over by the conglomerates. And here in Alaska is no different.
We have Clear Channel in command of most of the Anchorage radio market, GCI angling to own a large sector of television (the already own cable and internet), so guess where all those advertising dollars being pissed away in the Senate races are going. You guessed it, right back outside.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Shively, blithely..."

Western Alaska's pride and joy, Callan J. Chythlook-Sitsoff writes an excellent New York Times OpEd Piece. Read it!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Last Day of Summer

As all REAL Alaskans know, today - June 21, Summer Solstice, is the last day of summer.
Days will slowly shorten and every time we see a darker cloud in the sky (even on July 4th) we think of snow.
Oh wait, its the clouds of mosquitoes that make us think of snow...
It really sucks being a natural born pessimist.

Charlie Huggins: Stand Your Ground allows Preemptive Killing

Alaska's Governor who, unlike his predecessor DOES live in Juneau signed a love letter to the National Rifle Association yesterday as penned by yet another of a long line of losers from the Mat-Su Valley.
The oil industry shill who DOES live in Juneau had this to say as he signed the latest "Stand Your Ground" law that allows law abiding - and not-so-law-abiding Alaskans carrying permit-less concealed weapons to fire at will with little fear of prosecution:
"I was asked a couple of questions earlier just before signing the bill about concerns raised about why, with all the people running around with guns doing bad things, why this legislation was important,” Parnell said. “And, frankly, I thought, that’s exactly why this legislation was important.”
“And we’re talking about a law-abiding citizen’s right to stand his or her ground.”
But the big winner is clearly Alaska Senate President and Oil Industry Shill, nay, Oil Industry Pocket Rocket (don't Conoco's fingers feel good, Charlie?) Charlie Huggins when he couldn't have been more clear about the Legislative Intent of allowing preemptive killings under the color of "Stand Your Ground"  -
Asked about the new law vis a vis the Treyvon Martin killing in Florida and the Alaska Department of Law concerns stated during legislative hearings, Huggins stood his own ground-
“Trayvon Martin was not a clean cut young man. He had a history. So I’m not so sure that there wasn’t some mischief that he had proved himself capable of and may have been gettin’ ready to take place. But I wasn’t there. But what happened with Trayvon Martin has no bearing, in my estimation, on what we’re doing in Alaska,” Huggins told reporters.

Hey - I report, You decide!

Friday, May 03, 2013

The Great Man is finally being Remembered in a suitable fashion

There should be no question that Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) ranks with Archimedes as one of humankind's most brilliant and fertile minds.
Inventing the rotating alternating current motor, radio, and what is now drone technology, Tesla proved once and for all time the value of immigrants to America.
The New York Times reports today that the Tesla Science Center has succeeded in purchasing a portion of Tesla's Wardenclyffe Laboratory on Long Island.
This is wonderful news for all of us that have appreciated all Nikola Tesla did for the world!