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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Ring Out the Old...

Well, well, look who's back...
I mean, it's not like I've been silent on any stage, as my few followers on Twitter may have noticed.
And my nephew in Hooper Bay calls me to tell me "Uncle Mark, I saw you on TV with all your dope buddies..."
I had an Elder walk up to me in Swansons Store the other day and ask me "are you the one I always see on KTVA?"
Yes, that's me.
Hello 2019 and good riddance to 2018.
I've had worse, much worse years, but this one is top 3 for a lot of reasons.
Guess I'd better make a few resolutions:
       Get a haircut
        Get a job
         Get out of debt
        Write stuff longer than however many characters Twitter lets me post these days.
          Write stuff that's interesting to read.
            Write the start of a book or two that I'm pretty sure I still have in Me.
So, folks, watch this space!

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