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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Trump to Tribes: Drop Dead

Yesterdays Executive Order by the President, gleefully witnessed by the Alaska Congressional Delegation, represents yet another insult by Donald J. Trump directed at Native Americans and Alaska Natives. He was on a roll yesterday, with a stroke of the pen  (c)  To further streamline existing regulatory authorities, Executive Order 13754 of December 9, 2016 (Northern Bering Sea Climate Resilience), is hereby revoked. 
The Northern Bering Sea Climate Resilience area was established to protect one of the most biologically significant and productive subsistence use areas in the United States, the Eastern Bering Sea, coastal areas of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta and Norton Sound and their drainages. The map shown does not depict all the villages in the area.
In his second round of hostility to Native Americans (and the United States Senate) he spoke before the NRA Leadership Forum in Atlanta and uttered the following:
"Only one candidate in the General Election came to speak to you, and that candidate is now the President of the United States, standing before you again.  (Applause.)  I have a feeling that in the next election you’re going to be swamped with candidates, but you’re not going to be wasting your time.  You’ll have plenty of those Democrats coming over and you’re going to say, no, sir, no thank you -- no, ma’am.  Perhaps ma’am.  It may be Pocahontas, remember that.  (Laughter and applause.)  And she is not big for the NRA, that I can tell you."  

So there you go, a twofer for America's collective case of the DT's....

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