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Saturday, September 04, 2010

WaPo on the ex-borough attorney

Tea party's Joe Miller: What he plans if Alaska sends him to Washington


Glenn Beck's Gallows

Kenai anthropology Professor Alan Borass writes in the Anchorage Daily News that the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally on the grounds of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. was "symbolic violence." Many thoughtful observers take a very similar view.
I know all it took for me was to see the stage under construction to think "lynching gallows." Certainly anyone who has seen photos of mass hangings cannot help but see the imagery in this particular photograph.
Noone ever accused Glenn Beck or his comrades as being very subtle.

Who We Are, Why We Fight and Why We'll Win!

A simple question for Candidate Miller:

Miller's Militia

Friday, September 03, 2010

Lets have another look, shall we?

Ohhhhh...There are SO MANY REPUBLICANS ON K STREET UNHAPPY WITH LISA MURKOWSKI.... Well, WTF they SHOULD be unhappy with her. That means she wasn't at their beck and call. That makes ME HAPPY and should make every other Alaskan happy.

Joe Miller on the other hand seems to be so relishing the thought of being their towel-wrapped turkish bath butt boy that he can't wait for the checks to start flowing in. I wonder how much it will cost to get that towel off. There are plenty of chicken hawks on K Street just looking for a bear cub like Joe. And you know what? Thats about the best he can call himself.
Miss Me Yet?

Yup, the lobbyists of Washington can't wait to get Joe there, behind closed doors, maybe a scotch or two and a fine cigar, a cutie keepin' 'em coming while they discuss the vital importance to the Founders of tax cuts for the Koch Brothers (owners of the groundwater polluting North Pole Refinery) and various other matters pertaining to the very survival of the Republic while Joe tries to remember what it was Vic Kohring told asked Bill Allen... Oh yeah, "Say Brother, can you spare a few bucks?" "Why sure JoeVic we sure can spot you a few bucks. Lets go over there by the mantle where the firelight casts its glow on the fine carpet in the panelled room where only men of power belong and we are sure happy your "folks" back there in Alaska decided to send you here. We are sure looking forward to working with you, JoeVic."
Oh yeah, its gonna be a gravy train for you, Joe. A real moneymaker, especially when you shake yours!

Didn't Take Long for Him to Take the Pipe Between His Lips

Seems Joe Miller has put on the kneepads.
CQ Politics reports tonight on its blog that little known Fairbanks ex-assistant borough attorney Joe Miller has decided God's help isn't enough in getting plain 'ol folk to open their purses and has hired a "prominent D.C. fundraiser" to help him lose to Scott McAdams.
Headed Alaska: Miller Getting Serious About Fundraising and sporting such quotes as an anonymous source saying "There are many Republicans on K Street so unhappy with Lisa that this is a step up," this source said. "It's a winnable seat, and there's no way that Republican leadership is going to allow this to go south."
We agree. The Republican leadership should hold on to whatever dignity it might have after the job it did on Lisa, and NOT allow "this" (scum) to "go south".
Unless it is back into the VistaCruiser back to Kansas.
Yeah, Joe, let me tell ya, the musky aroma of that long K Street is just waiting for you.
No corporate funds, he say. He lie like Jim.

Two Legal Reviews of Miller's Loony Look at Alaska's Federal Lands

First up, the previously cited Wickersham's Conscience.For those of you who may not know, Judge James Wickersham, the Territory's first Jurist, is a beloved figure in Alaska history. Resident of Eagle, Fairbanks and all the Roadhouses in between. Serving form 1900 to 1908 he resigned to become the Alaska Territory's Delegate to Congress. The photo above shows Judge Wickersham with the Tanana Chiefs, leaders of the Dene' people of the Eastern Interior and Yukon River Flats. This is a picture that every third grader in Alaska should be able to identify.
Wickersham's Conscience does a bang-up job of expaining the completely misguided belief of the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate that Alaska can take back Federal lands in  Joe Miller Ignores the Law.
Next up is Mudflatter Legal Eagle who presents a very fine analysis that goes by the title of Joe Miller - Liar, or Idiot? A Legal Analysis.

Blog del Narco

Rumour (just rumour) has it that a drug dealer has moved into my neighborhood. I hear that he pays his mule's $2,000 for an ass-full of oxy's. Bet THAT's an uncomfortable plane ride!
Well, for those of you interested in the latest news from South of the Border it seems a brave young man in Mexico is blogging. Here's a recent news report (in English) about Blog del Narco (in Spanish. Plenty of gruesome photos of dead people and pics of piles of bales of dope, too.)
Fun way to bone up on that old high school espanol, eh?

Hey Eric, Don't Be Evil

But when is his live call-in on KYUK?

Joe's Schedule
Sunday, September 5

4:00pm Armed America Radio Network *Listen Live*

When Sun, September 5, 4pm – 5pm

Where KBYR 700AM KSRM 920AM (map)

more details

Sweet Touch of Love

 Photo of US Senate Candidate Joe Miller and his Wife used by kind permission of independent photojournalist/videographer Zach Roberts/

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Fairbanks Lawyer Worth Paying Attention To

I forget where I found a link to Wickersham's Conscience but I am ever so glad I did. I hope you will be glad you found it, too. Commentary, Reviews and Nature Photography is how the site is described and more than amply fils the bill

The germane novel of the political season is...

The envelope please.
Thank you,
and the winner is
Advise and Consent, by Allen Drury.
It's a pretty good movie, too.

Emily Davenport v. Matthew Nicolai

Civil Superior Ct (3AN) - Summary
3AN-10-09812CI Davenport, Emily vs. Nicolai, Matthew

Read her Complaint HERE

And Calista's Press Release

The statute cited:
AS 18.80.220. Unlawful Employment Practices; Exception.

How do YOU spell scum? I spell it miller.

"I thanked her for the hard-fought contest and wished her the best and asked for unity," Miller said in a telephone interview from his hometown of Fairbanks.
Asshole should be thanking the Koch Brothers

Miller said he thinks Murkowski will end up supporting him in the general election. "I'm going to give her some time and we're going to talk more about it later," he said.
"I'm going to giver her some time and we're going to talk about it later."
Lets hope THAT doesn't happen. Lisa is gonna be too busy packing her office and DC home to be talking to a lackey like you. Unity my ass, you phony little shit.

Miller said he's going to meet with close friends and family Tuesday night. "Then we'll probably head back to the office and do some more campaign work a little bit later tonight," Miller said on Tuesday.
Yeah, back to the office to call and thank the Koch Brothers

h/t ADN


Your Both Barrels blog is proud to endorse Sitka Mayor Scott McAdams for United States Senate.
As the Father of two Mt. Edgecumbe graduates I can say that Sitka is one of the safest and most liveable communities in our State, and Scott McAdams gets credit for helping to keep it tht way.
Alaskans have a CLEAR choice in November. It isn't about Democrat versus whatever the other guy is (he sure as hell isn't a real Republican). It is a choice for the future of our State.
Scott McAdams' task is simple - run the campaign that Lisa Murkowski did not.
I am looking forward to meeting Scott - he ought be to due for a trip to Bethel and the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta soon.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A few thoughts on Lisa Murkowski

It's interesting to see some of the reaction on at least one liberal Alaskan blog I read. People are actually trying to get busy over Senator Lisa Murkowski's concession based on a partial count of absentee ballots. Now I am no statistician but I know full well that she would need SERIOUS numbers to go her way to make up the deficit.
So she did do the right thing, before everyone got completely worn out (it has, after all, been a week) and she conceded the race, as hard as that might have been for her, her family, close friends and staff and supporters.
There was nothing dishonorable or quitting-ish about it. Unless you have run for office and lost you have no idea.
That out of my system, I want to thank Senator Lisa Murkowksi for her work on behalf of all the residents of our great State. She served with honor and grace and acquitted herself well.
Yes, she was appointed by her Dad, but she was also elected to a full term and her appointment was not a particularly big issue.
She helped people and organizations from across the State. Her staff was (and still is) excellent and responsive. She has travelled Alaska and made friends everywhere she has gone.
Lisa, Thank You, and I wish you a fine next few months as office holder and of course look forward to your continued contributions to the future of The Great Land.

A sad day for all Alaskans

The Anchorage Daily News is reporting Lisa Murkowski's concession.

Attention Calista Shareholders

Davenport Complaint