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Friday, September 03, 2010

Two Legal Reviews of Miller's Loony Look at Alaska's Federal Lands

First up, the previously cited Wickersham's Conscience.For those of you who may not know, Judge James Wickersham, the Territory's first Jurist, is a beloved figure in Alaska history. Resident of Eagle, Fairbanks and all the Roadhouses in between. Serving form 1900 to 1908 he resigned to become the Alaska Territory's Delegate to Congress. The photo above shows Judge Wickersham with the Tanana Chiefs, leaders of the Dene' people of the Eastern Interior and Yukon River Flats. This is a picture that every third grader in Alaska should be able to identify.
Wickersham's Conscience does a bang-up job of expaining the completely misguided belief of the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate that Alaska can take back Federal lands in  Joe Miller Ignores the Law.
Next up is Mudflatter Legal Eagle who presents a very fine analysis that goes by the title of Joe Miller - Liar, or Idiot? A Legal Analysis.

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