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Friday, September 03, 2010

Lets have another look, shall we?

Ohhhhh...There are SO MANY REPUBLICANS ON K STREET UNHAPPY WITH LISA MURKOWSKI.... Well, WTF they SHOULD be unhappy with her. That means she wasn't at their beck and call. That makes ME HAPPY and should make every other Alaskan happy.

Joe Miller on the other hand seems to be so relishing the thought of being their towel-wrapped turkish bath butt boy that he can't wait for the checks to start flowing in. I wonder how much it will cost to get that towel off. There are plenty of chicken hawks on K Street just looking for a bear cub like Joe. And you know what? Thats about the best he can call himself.
Miss Me Yet?

Yup, the lobbyists of Washington can't wait to get Joe there, behind closed doors, maybe a scotch or two and a fine cigar, a cutie keepin' 'em coming while they discuss the vital importance to the Founders of tax cuts for the Koch Brothers (owners of the groundwater polluting North Pole Refinery) and various other matters pertaining to the very survival of the Republic while Joe tries to remember what it was Vic Kohring told asked Bill Allen... Oh yeah, "Say Brother, can you spare a few bucks?" "Why sure JoeVic we sure can spot you a few bucks. Lets go over there by the mantle where the firelight casts its glow on the fine carpet in the panelled room where only men of power belong and we are sure happy your "folks" back there in Alaska decided to send you here. We are sure looking forward to working with you, JoeVic."
Oh yeah, its gonna be a gravy train for you, Joe. A real moneymaker, especially when you shake yours!

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