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Friday, September 03, 2010

Didn't Take Long for Him to Take the Pipe Between His Lips

Seems Joe Miller has put on the kneepads.
CQ Politics reports tonight on its blog that little known Fairbanks ex-assistant borough attorney Joe Miller has decided God's help isn't enough in getting plain 'ol folk to open their purses and has hired a "prominent D.C. fundraiser" to help him lose to Scott McAdams.
Headed Alaska: Miller Getting Serious About Fundraising and sporting such quotes as an anonymous source saying "There are many Republicans on K Street so unhappy with Lisa that this is a step up," this source said. "It's a winnable seat, and there's no way that Republican leadership is going to allow this to go south."
We agree. The Republican leadership should hold on to whatever dignity it might have after the job it did on Lisa, and NOT allow "this" (scum) to "go south".
Unless it is back into the VistaCruiser back to Kansas.
Yeah, Joe, let me tell ya, the musky aroma of that long K Street is just waiting for you.
No corporate funds, he say. He lie like Jim.

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