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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

How do YOU spell scum? I spell it miller.

"I thanked her for the hard-fought contest and wished her the best and asked for unity," Miller said in a telephone interview from his hometown of Fairbanks.
Asshole should be thanking the Koch Brothers

Miller said he thinks Murkowski will end up supporting him in the general election. "I'm going to give her some time and we're going to talk more about it later," he said.
"I'm going to giver her some time and we're going to talk about it later."
Lets hope THAT doesn't happen. Lisa is gonna be too busy packing her office and DC home to be talking to a lackey like you. Unity my ass, you phony little shit.

Miller said he's going to meet with close friends and family Tuesday night. "Then we'll probably head back to the office and do some more campaign work a little bit later tonight," Miller said on Tuesday.
Yeah, back to the office to call and thank the Koch Brothers

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