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Saturday, April 05, 2003

Good morning. I haven't seen any Alaskan blogs, so here goes!
I'm your host and editor, Mark Springer of Hooper Bay, Alaska. I've lived in Alaska since 1976.
My hope in bringing you Both Barrels is to highlight Alaskan news of note as well as opinion, trivia, gossip and a look at the national and world scene from the perspective of a Rural person.
My interests include, as you will discern from careful reading, Alaskan politics, Alaska Native Politics, Amateur Radio, Telecommunications, Education, local government and a whole host of other topics we will eventually get to.
I welcome comments and tips and hope to invite a few people who's opinions and abilities I highly respect to post here too, with the aim of making Both Barrels a well-read Alaskan institution.
Let the fun begin!

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