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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Wow- Federal rap for a rippies ripoff. A cautionary take if ever I saw one.

Women charged in pull-tab scam
KLAWOCK: The two used inside information to profit, federal prosecutors say.

Anchorage Daily News

(Published: April 22, 2003)
Playing pull-tabs is supposed to be a gamble, but federal prosecutors say two Klawock women used inside information to turn the odds in their favor and win $93,158 over one year.
Janine D. Harmon, 36, and Delores A. Peratrovich, 53, were charged by a federal grand jury last week with one count of conspiracy and three counts of mail fraud each.
Harmon was the manager of gaming operations for Klawock Cooperative Association, according to the indictment. She managed accounting records for pull-tab games and also was a dealer. Money from the games was used to fund the tribe's general operations.
Peratrovich had a similar role at the Klawock Liquor Store, managing pull-tab accounts and dealing pull tabs as the store's manager. Profits from the tabs went to the city of Klawock for education, public safety and heritage, the indictment says.(more)

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