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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Feline hygeine problems? Ask Ray!

Any advice on cat vomit? I live with two great cats. One cat vomits every once in a while, about every week or so. The vomit consists of any combination of food, saliva, plants, colored liquid (bile?), hairballs. The vet says she's healthy, and to use the hairball control food. We've used that food for years now, we tried that grass to chew on (she eats it, sometimes throws it up), chicken-flavored hairball-control paste stuff. The other cat never vomits; but he gets way curious and close-up-sniffy when she's heaving. She has to continually move to maintain her personal space, so the vomit ends up all around sometimes. It's sort of funny. I don't mind the vomiting b/c it hardly ever leaves a stain anywhere. I just want this cat to be comfortable. Thanks for your time, Ray.
K in PA

Dear K.,

Yeah, man, that don’t sound like too cool of a scene if you ask me. A vomiting cat being chased by kind of a “refluxophile” cat. I’m not gonna do the obvious thing and just go on talkin’ about bulimia, ‘cause that’s a cop out. But seriously, have you checked your liquor cabinet? It’s no trouble for a cat to open a bottle, and if your cat is a pretty bad binge drinker then yeah she’ll urp pretty often. Especially if she is smokin’ weed and stuff. Did you leave your weed out? I don’t know that you did, but it is one idea which came to mind. (more)

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