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Monday, July 07, 2003

Pity poor Dick Gephardt

The guy gives it up in the House of Representatives to take a swipe at the exalted Presidency.
Classic Liberal, bleach blond couif, the whole nine yards.
I would have held onto the Leadership gig. Nice pension and plenty of free tee vee time on weekends.
But no, he wants to be President of the Unted States.
Good Luck, hotshot.
In a desperate attempt to look hip, he's using the Internet, to no avail it would appear.
Today drudge shares that "Online supporters of Democratic presidential hopeful Dick Gephardt appear to have trouble organizing"
Ummmmm, yeah. I'd say so. Look at this pathetic attempt to harness the power of the World Wide Web.
Pick a zipcode, any zip code. I tried mine and was told that there just aren't enough dick g supporters in Anchorage to bother callng a "meetup" meeting to discuss the upcoming campaign.
The best part,though, is here.
Hey Dick- you don't need a campaign manager, you need a frickin' moderator hahahahahaha.
The dropdown menu is hilarious. I wonder how many supporters he has in Romania? Actually he appears to have some in Vancouver, B.C. Whats up with that?

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