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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Who says Canada is a nation of automatonic Liberal lingually-confused technocrats who worhip political correctness? Not I, Sir!

Yukon employees protest porn investigation

The Associated Press

WHITEHORSE, Yukon - More than 200 demonstrators turned out Friday for a union rally protesting an inquiry into Yukon government employees who sent or received e-mails deemed pornographic.

Participants at the Yukon Employees Union held up signs such as "Welcome to Salem" and other witch-hunt references.

"The government should realize the effects that this has caused people," said Brenda Hansen, an 18-year government employee.

The government has investigated employees whose names have appeared as either senders or receivers of e-mails it has discovered with pornographic pictures. The computers of the people have then been checked for explicit materials.

The government has sent letters to employees being investigated.

The first meeting is an initial interview. If the government decides the person should be punished, there is a disciplinary meeting.

Hansen she's been affected even though she has not received a letter or suspension.

"Morale is totally down. The fear, the apprehension is so high that it gets to the point where you don't even know whether to say 'Good morning' to someone for fear that they're going to fall apart to tears."(more)

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