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Friday, August 08, 2003

"Kiss me again before you go/there's something more that you should know/my life will be hell/without you, my belle"

Cheap Tricks newly released album Special One has soemthing on it for everyone.It's dark, and it's light. It's catchy and confusing. It once again showcases the awsome talents of what is arguably America's best rock band. From opening rocker "Scent of A Woman," a tune which seems to be offending some critics under the age of, oh, say, 13 to the haunting title cut "Special One" the Trick proves once again that they can do it their way.
I've browsed a few reviews of the album and suffice to say they are split down the middle, but count ME on the right side.

Cheap Trick has written more than a few songs about suicide (Auf Wiedershien; Oh, Candy to name 2) and "Special One" had the working title of the Dr. K (Kevorkian) song. If you know anything about suicide then it can take a few listens to to get used to. However, it can only be called a love song.

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