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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Ray's Advice

What are your feelings on meeting girls on the internet? I've had some really amazing experiences, some really horrible experiences, and some just plain embarrassing ones, mostly from girls met on What do you think? Is it a totally respectable way to meet folks or a little bit pathetic? Any tips? I've seen Téodor and Vlad at it, but they are not quite the role models I consider you to be.
BF in Madison

Dear BF,

Yeah, it’s lame. Usually the woman will just choose a photo that really flatters her, and you can’t see that she has like a dumb little ankle tattoo of a rose, plus an aluminum cane, the kind with four little feet of its own. Then when you meet there’s this awkward mutual feeling that you’re both fatter than you said you’d be.

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