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Friday, November 12, 2004

Alaska's VPSO Program safe for another year

Well it seems the Village Public Safety Officer Program dodges a bullet, no pun intended, as the State of Alaska announced its readiness to renew contracts with several Regional Non-Profits.
The issue at hand is, and quite correctly, the indirect rates charged by the non-profits.
Public Safety Commissioner Bill Tandeske said today that the State is looking for an across the board rate that will allow the State to save some money, and put more VPSO's to work.

1 comment:

SLFlyinghorse said...

wow, in 2004 after being run out of one Village I was being looked at by 3 native non-profits and two were considering hiring me.

then they dropped me at last minute.

Glad to see that someone else supports the program. I hope it never loses support.

Those people out there in theVillages are the ones that need public safety the most.