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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Anonymity Outed

Here's the basic story line. Someone in Anchorage (I guess) has been writing a blog called The Mudflats and has been using the nom de plume "Ak Muckraker."
Said Ak Muckraker is a fine writer, and since the Republican Convention this summer has ammassed quite a following.
Obviously an unassuming individual, the affectionately abbreviated AKM has preferred not to let loose with a public persona, and as I suggested in a previous post that may be for good reason, reasons AKM has also noted on occasion.
So, popular Alaska blogger pisses off not only the Governor but, somehow, Representative Mike Doogan (D-Spenard) who, a retired journalist himself (I have always known him as a columnist and honestly don't recall ever reading a hard news piece written by him, although one supposes he did do a little honest scribbling in his youth) has his own experience with anonymity. Speculation fluriates like Redoubt ash in a snowstorm and suddenly, mystery writer Doogan does a little "sleuthing" on his own (time paid for by the Alaska Treasury...?) and identifies AKM to the "public", or at least people interested enough in his point of view to subscribe to his email newsletter.
Once again, I must defer to the also anonymous Writing Raven and this mornings entry on Alaska Real, Mudflats, meet Publius, Junius and Boz.

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