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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Good coverage of the UA Prexy race

As mentioned a post or two below, the beauty contest for President of the University of Alaska is in full swing but amazingly below the radar of most Alaskans.The consequences of the final decision of the Board of Regents are of importance to EVERY Alaskan.The University of Alaska has touched nearly everyone on our State in one way or another, continues to and will as far off ito the future as I can see.For those of you who might be reading this post from somewhere that isn't familiar with the UA System, our University is divided (figuratively and literally) into three discrete unites, University of Alaska Fairbanks (founding campus and world headquarters); University of Alaska Anchorage; and University of Alaska Southeast.
The University is a world leader in geophysical research and has a number of world-class academic programs. The variety of programs it has available to Alaskan's is astonishing and worthy of the people of our State.
The Alaska State Legislature, of course, seems never to recognize this fact and oftentimes one wonders if the Statewide Administration of the University recognizes it. Anyone who has been to a "Public Meeting" with soon-to-be ex-President Mark Hamilton I am sure will agree.
My recommendation today is Professor Steve Aufrect's coverage and Professor John Creed's commentary Here.

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