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Monday, September 06, 2010

Joe Miller on Armed American Radio

Listen to the ex-borough attorney Here.

Asked by a caller about elections he said of Alaska "We've got  fantastic Division of Elections. It has integrity we know that  every vote is going to get counted, its going to be accurate" (We'd be hapy to link to some of his published paranoia about Alaska's elections system, but it seems to be gone from his website!)
I did appreciate his comments on Diebold, et al when he advised, "Just fundamentally reject electronic voting" and said "we've got to have tangible ballots." Hard to disagree with "any of the jurisdictions moving to just purely elecronic votes, thats just really bad news."

On the Social Security front, he told the show's host's Dad calling in from Florida that his own parents in Kansas are wholly dependent on Social Security and Medicaid, and that that "contract" should be honored.
Hovever, in typical fashion he claims that his payments into the Social Security Trust Fund "has been stolen from me. That Trust Fund is empty. Well, I shouldn't say empty. It's full of IOU's."
Those IOU's are, of course based on the full faith (he said "good faith") and credit of the United States, which it appears Mr. M has little faith in.
"It's a better answer to privatize," he said. 
The interview starts at minute 16 but the real dog meat is right there at the end.

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