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Monday, October 18, 2010

A Matt Nicholai Story

One day Frank Murkowski, when he was Governor, stopped by the building I work at to visit the boss and a few other people. For one reason or another I stepped into what might be politely called "protocol duties" and got to greet Frank on the stairwell.
Since I knew he was coming that day I, very out of character, wore a necktie (actually I look good in a tie).
Well, Frank had to make a "head call" so I led him down the hall towards the 3rd floor bathroom. For some reason, Matt Nicholai was tagging along. Getting to the mens room, we found it was in the process of being cleaned (we have an extraordinary housekeeping staff where I work, God Bless 'em, some of the hardest workers in the firm). Anyway, I started leading Frank even FARTHER down the hall towards the back stairs so we could go to the Second Floor bathroom, when Matt pipes up and says
"Take him to (the big boss's) bathroom."
I stopped dead in my tracks and said "What?"
He repeated his original statement that we go to my CEO's "private" bathroom.
Well never had I taken so much pleasure in contradicting someone and never have I been so proud to work for the company I do when I was able to tell Matt Nicholai, in front of the Governor, that my CEO certainly had no executive washroom, in no uncertain terms.
We lost him at the top of the stairs.
The second floor mens room was clean and open and Frank went to do his business.
I was standing by the sink and in walks our then-Contracts Officer.
He looks at me, in my tie and says, "Hi Mark, what's with the tie? Is the Governor here or something?"
Suddenly Frank, without missing a beat pipes up, "Yeah, and he's taking a piss."
Frank was cool that way.

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