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Monday, December 13, 2010

The divorce lawyer is trying to run out the clock

Hiding behind the "question" of "accurate write-ins" is the awful spectre of Jim "How did that nigger get elected" DeMint who waits in the the wings for Lisa Murkowski's seat on the Senate Energy amd Natural Resources Committee. DeMint has been shoveling money like it's K-Y Jelly and poppers at Miller in an effort to bribe him into maintaing legal challenges against the election until after the Senate goes into its next session. The result? In my view, if Lisa isn't certified the winner in time she very well could lose her seniority - and the seat DeMint covets so dearly.
The Fairbanks divorce attorney and apparent stud horse cares not a whit about Alaska. He is, I predict, gonna take all his chips and run back to Kansas (free tank 'o gas at Tok, on Me, for the Olds Vista Cruiser on the way out, Joe. Just don't forget those unconstitutional passports.)
The money keeps rolling in, and Joe and his tribe of idiots don't seem to want to budge an inch.

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Elstun W. Lauesen said...

I respectfully disagree. I cannot attribute motives to Joe Miller or his sponsor, Senator DeMint, but the net effect of what he is doing is that he is keeping this FUBAR electoral system in the spotlight where it belongs. In 2004 and 2006 the Alaska Democratic Party sued the Elections office over many of the same complaints that Joe is asserting. The Diebold machines that we use in this state are outlawed in California. The card count and registered vote count discrepencies are no small matter. While the write-in issues are unique to the 2010 election, the lack of a credible electoral system in Alaska has and will continue to cast doubt on the cleanliness of any outcome. Next time it may be YOUR ox that gets gored and I expect you will be advocating a thorough review of things, just as Mr. Miller is.