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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The few, the proud, the moderated

I tossed this off in Mudflats (knowing noone reads THIS blog) and to my suprise, and pride, it says. in italics, Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Mark Springer says:

If anyone really doubts that her fanboy website isn’t pure and deliberate satire should consider the following statement from this article-
“For practically everyone, the written word is noticeably more coherent than the spoken word. Undoubtedly this general rule is due to the fact that when writing, there is sufficient time to develop cogent arguments and weave them into a logical narrative.”
The article is a long-winded rant against some guy Scarbourough (honest, I’m not sure who he is but I guess he is on the teevee) but the opening graf seems SOOOOOO apropos.
Her fanboy website really deserves a look now and then just for a laugh at the fine conjunction of loyalty and insolence which becomes more apparent with each passing day.

Mark Springer

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