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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Paul Krugman is way out of line

and full of shit.
"Conscience of a Liberal" indeed.
He suggests an awful lot of influence on the part of twwwstlij and until we hear what this kid with big high school hair and an apparent belief in mind control has to say - lets hope they don't kill him, silently, like they did to the Oklahoma City bomber - lets lose the political overtones.
Look at his youtube channel (linked previously) and tell me what his politics are.
If he had shot up a school, or a grocery store full of just customers, or anywhere else, it would have been a blip on the news with no political ascriptions whatsoever. They guy gives every indication of being a nut, lets find out for sure, and back off the blame game.
ON THE OTHER HAND, I AM waiting to hear twwwstlij remark on the "Second Amendment Remedy" theme and express her proscription of violence towards anyone.
Wake me up when she does.

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