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Sunday, June 29, 2014

2014? Dude, where did the year go?

Well, another birthday and another Solstice gone by and all we have to look forward to is ANOTHER election...
It took me a while to figure THIS out, but hey, I am a little slow...The BIG winners in election years are (drum roll please) the owners of TV and Radio Stations. And it has been a consistent gripe of mine that a lucrative small business sector (local broadcasting) has been substantially taken over by the conglomerates. And here in Alaska is no different.
We have Clear Channel in command of most of the Anchorage radio market, GCI angling to own a large sector of television (the already own cable and internet), so guess where all those advertising dollars being pissed away in the Senate races are going. You guessed it, right back outside.

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