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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Obama v. Warren, et al.

Anyone who would care to take the position that President Obama is NOT a corporatist, take a number and get in line.
The Trans Pacific Partnership will do NOTHING for the "Middle Class," and everything for major traders. As someone pointed out above, it will provide a vehicle (most likely an MRAP, lol) for those respected "non-state actors" i.e. multi-national corporations to go dead on after national policies that cut into their bottom lines. No regard for the people of those nations, since in the brave new world which the President seems to embrace and Senators Warren and Sanders are in full cry over, the only P-word that counts is Profits.
The Clinton Global Initiative is just a way to sugar coat the fact that the corporate-government axis is tilting towards the corporate side of the ledger. The CGI offers an opportunity for anyone with big money to pretend they care about "people" while pursuing greater and greater control of scarcer and scarcer resources...makes you wonder what ol' Bill learned in Oxford.
Trade agreements should be limited to freedom of navigation and currency exchange. Something is SERIOUSLY amiss when it takes years of secret negotiations to produce a secret agreement between "promote commerce."
The Presidential prevarication in response to Senator Warren speaks volumes, and no friendly beer on the White House porch is going to change the President's commitment to the Trans Pacific Partnership in whatever form the economic masters of the universe decide is acceptable to them.

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