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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Some thoughts on the implications of the President-Elect and his possible agendas

Early on, as his nomination seemed more secure,  and afterward, some speculated (perhaps based on a hint or two) that Donald J. Trump, even if elected, might choose not to accept Office.
It will be telling to look closely at his eyes as he is asked by a black-robed Chief Justice or, and don't say you didn't read it here first, Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, as he is asked "Are you prepared to take the Oath of Office."
He is soon to receive what I call the Gray Hair Briefings, and if there is no noticeable change in either his demeanor nor appearance afterwards then we will be able to assume he either cares not or is excruciatingly emotionless. Either way, God help us!
He apparently wants to be the first "Commuter President." Does he have any idea what the cost of THAT would be? And I am quite certain the Secret Service is already in a fright about the elevator trips between the Penthouse and the office on 28. Believe you me, the Secret Service is only happy on sea level or at 40,000 feet. So, we will see how Trump responds to security concerns. Reince, you have your work cut out for you.
Hectoring. Remember that word? No, then look it up in your Funk and Wagnalls. It's synonym is "Trumpish Tweeting." Another "Impossible Mission" for the new Chief of Staff. If we can assume that national command centers and intelligence apparatus will have @realDonaldTrump up on their big screens 24/7, how long till it gets @realHacked with less than gentle missives directed towards administration's not half as touchy as his?
Rally's...  And who will pay?  Certainly not the RNC, nor the USG. So maybe they won't happen unless he discovers (shhhh!) Google Hangouts or Skype. Leave it to Bannon to devise a clever, on demand way for PT (yes, let's call him that) to be a virtual presence in all our bedrooms since he only gets online at night...
Secretary of the Interior. We all know it's gonna be TWWWSTLIJ, until she quits in her first week. Hopefully, though, before Old Man Lucas gets the job she will OK the Izembek Road.
OK, enough for tonight. Peace, Out.

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