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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

The Fight has Just Begun
Video Gambling Prospect Darling of Unimaginative, Deluded, Conscience-less House Speaker; Politically Ambitious Anchorage Freshman

The question is simple: Do you TAX sin, or ENCOURAGE it?
Debate over allowing machine gambling in Alaska is about to erupt in open warfare in Juneau. Strong positions have been taken, with lines rady to be drawn- some drawn already.
The Alaska State Legislature quite a few years ago BLEW IT by outlawing Monte Carlo Night's, where charitable gaming licensees were allowed to create one-night casino's. Monte Carlo Night's were classy events that made a lot of money for licensees and operators, and let players get the blackjack bug out of their system for a while. Oftentimes Monte Carlo Night's were hosted by large charities and targeted Alaskans that actually had money in their pockets to spend.
Now, under the cover of a misguided lottery bill, we see the spectre (and a dark, foreboding spectre it is) of video poker machines infesting our State, in the name of revenue.
B... S... The only beneficiaries to video poker games are bar owners (who really ought to do the math before the run willy nilly behind the losing team of Kott and Anderson) and the gambling machinery industry.
Alaskans owe NO loyalty to either CHARR nor the gambling industry. WE OWE THEM NO FAVORS.
Now, lets look at some of the spume from Juneau yesterday, as reported on Channel 2 News last night.
Lawmakers bet on lottery, video gaming for revenues
Anderson insults Rural Alaska when he tells KTUU's reporter that IF there is any addiction to pull tabs, it is probably in Rural Alaska.
Kott in denial: "I don't believe it's an expansion at all" of gambling. In other words, Kott says, "I don't gamble and noone I know does, either."
I'm not here to dictate the morals of the people of Alaska"- Frank on the tee vee tonight
And most astounding of all (and a statement that is sure to haunt him) the Governor says, " "I am not here to dictate the morals of citizens of Alaska. That doesn't go with this job," he said. "
The only ones making sense so far are Representatives Harry Crawford and Cheryl Heinze and Senator Scott Ogan.
Video poker? Not in MY backyard!
For once I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with Scott Ogan.

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