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Friday, April 18, 2003

I watched some of this hearing on Alaska One last night. un-Rep. Anderson claims to have a rebutal to everything said in opposition to video gambling. What a cocky fellow he is.

Last coupla grafs of Capital roiled with gambling debate

The Associated Press

"...Anchorage Democratic Rep. Harry Crawford urged his fellow lawmakers Wednesday to reject video gambling. He predicted that gambling money will come to influence Alaska politics. Crawford, who comes from Louisiana, said he's seen firsthand that the video machines are addictive and can wreck lives.

Anchorage Republican Rep. Tom Anderson, a key backer of video gambling and a former officer in the CHARR group, said in an interview that Crawford's concerns need consideration. But he still believes the gaming proposal has merit if done properly, maybe with money going to education about gambling and programs that help with addiction. He also said 10 machines in each bar might be too much.

"I do not think that this solves our fiscal problem completely," Anderson said. "But it is an example of how we can find sources of revenue other than a tax."...(more)

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