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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why I am proud to be an American (didn't we invent the parenthesis?)

What a filthy, socialist regime we find in Switzerland. That impoverished, disarmed, culturally euthanized nation of unemployed clockmakers ruled by a cabal of Obama/Frank-loving "rollers over" to the "concept" of "international banking regulation" just recently "celebrated," in a manner consistent with their new masters in Havana and Caracas a milestone (no pun intended) in the frightening march towards one world economy and, worse, toward the opening (again, no pun intended) of a route for international terrorists (whether of the Baeder Meinhoff set or, even weorse, those Jesus-hating Musselmen that we were warned so clearly about in that classic of Western Literature ((often unheeded in todays troubled times)) - Edward Gibbons' The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire).
I have no doubt that Joe "We can have Koch and cake for lunch...wait, there's no cake!" Miller read it during his studies at the United States Military Academy.
So join me in both rueing the fate of the Swiss, and their TAXPAYER FUNDED railway tunnel and bemoaning their serfdom to the rest of Europe (picture, if you will, trains full of swarthy Europen holiday makers speeding along at 120 miles per hour (sorry, your Both Barrels Editorial Board STEADFASTLY REFUSES to follow the lead of the properly moribund and soon to be shut down National Aeronautics and Space Administration in adopting the marx-inspired metric system) from Italy in the South to Denmark in the North and points in between and let us not forget the literally thousands of Turkmen who will be forced out of their honest labor driving truck along the scenic highways and biways of Switzerland as TRAINS, those most socialist of carriages, haul millions of tons of trans-European cargo through this vile hole in the Earth, all the time the honest bankers and cheese curdlers of Yodelland struggle to pay the nearly $1,300 every Switzer owes to pay for this outlandish project. Can you say "Soverign Debt Crisis"?
The courageous Governor of one of the original 13 Colonies, in an action no less bold than Mussolini's firm hand in making the notorious Italian Railway system run on time, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, that jewel of the Atlantic Coast (in the interests of disclosure, the author went to US Coast Guard Boot Camp in sunny Cape May) took the side of suffering taxpayers in his State and put the kibosh on a tunnel that would have done little more than allow residents of New Jersey to get to that center of human degredation, that sewer of every sort, Manhattan in much quicker fashion. We need look no further than the unqualified support for this project, no doubt a favorite of the socialist Musslemen in the (no, I shan't say it) - the "Executive Mansion" on Pennsylvania Avenue - no, we need look no further than the unqualified, even lubriquious support of one Paul Krugman to give good cheer to Governor Christies' upholding of the principles so clearly espoused by such founders as Samuel Adams and Thomas Jefferson.


Pat Naughtin said...

You wrote: "marx-inspired metric system"

I was unaware that Bishop John Wilkins, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington were Marxists. See and


Pat Naughtin
Geelong, Australia

Mark said...

Thanks for coming to my tiny blog, Pat.
I hope you read the entire piece in the spirit it was offered, a style that certainly Benjamin Franklin well understood: Biting Sarcasm!
Thank you for you comment and the very interesting links.
Mark Springer, Ed.