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Monday, November 01, 2010

MARKing MY ballot

I am not afraid to vote, and I'm not afraid to tell you HOW I am going to voteVOTED.

I know I have a couple of readers who won't be happy with some of what I have to say, but as I told a close friend and political confidante today, I am being philosophical this year.
Obviously my feelings on at least one race have been all over my sleeve in the past couple of months. I have no use for the Republican "nominee". My vitrol towards him knows no particular bounds as the astute reader has noted. Tonight, election eve, some bimbo named Michelle Bachman called my house on his behalf and accomplished little more than exacerbating my chronic bilous nature.

We are voting for Governor of Alaska this year. the choice is clear: a milquetoast and a millionaire or a Hahvaad man and a wonderful Tlingit woman.
Harvey Caspar Milquetoast, self-styled man of action (wore a cape as kid, did you?) and few words demonstrated his strict adherence to a one-issue line when he payed a mysterious visit to the Family Research Council earlier this year. Interestingly, my read, espoused to a few in my circle was that the upshot of that visit would be the readiness of a last minute infusion of campaign cash whenever he needed it. Well, it turns out that the last minute campaigning in this election clycle was against Chief Justice Dana Fabe. Harvey Caspar, you gonna sit there with a straight face and tell us you knew nothing about this? I doubt that.
The millionaire I have met in a past life, when Wally sent him up to North Pole to provide a little adult supervision for Jack's Senate campaign against Pappy Moss. The Treadwell/Ausman tag team kept me and Elizabeth Ziegler (still with the Department of Law, I wonder?) relatively in line along with the two rich kids who were helping out.
I got no gripe with Treadwell and I hope he beats Begich in four years.
My vote for Governor: The guy who is running with Diane Benson.

We vote to retain Judges in this State, and since I personally believe (always have, always will) that Judges are the most powerful officials in Alaska, I have always voted NO on most of them, just to keep them honest. This year however there a rea couple of game changers. The first is Judge Posthma. I don't know him, but since everyone from "Handcuffs" Millers' wife to court administrators want us to vote No, I am voting YES.
Second off, of course, is Chief Justice Fabe. What a cheap shot you assholes are taking against her, last minute, big money, trying to intimidate one of the last independent judiciaries in the Untied States. Screw You right wing " 'pro life' unless they are over the age of 5 mintes then they can fend for themselves" jerks.
I am voting YES to retain Chief Justice Fabe.

Don Young. Congressman for All Alaska. Always has been, always will be. Nuff said.
I had coffee with him in Jack's kitchen, him in a a t-shirt telling us how he whacked Emil the first time around. Good times, man, good times.

Ballot Measures: Yes to the Mt. Edgecumbe swimming pool. I have one more kid to send there and plenty of grandchildren. Yes to Vets. And, I guess, Yes to the dress... I mean the extra legislative seats. Maybe the Lower Yukon will finally get out from under the thumb of Front Street, Nome Alaska.

Lets see, is there anything else?
Oh yeah.....
I see the commercials. All the Corporation executives saying 'write in" but I don't really see any Villagers. I don't see any elected community leaders. I don't see any young people. I suppose it is a function of who is spending the money but even so.
I like her, I really do. I've met her, shook her hand, had my picture taken with her and introduced my Son, a Marine Corps veteran to her. I even sold her a pair of earrings at CAMAI.
I talk regular to members of her staff and have never felt like I didn't have access, useful access at a certain level that has allowed me to at least feel that my concerns, as farcical as they might be (domestic servant visa's while she was on Foreign Relations, for instance) might actually get pushed upstairs.
On the other hand, I was shocked, dismayed and totally pissed off at her characterization of Hooper Bay in a Senate Hearing. Arne Duncan has been to Hooper Bay. She never has.
Be afraid she doesn't win, they say. Look at all we will lose.
You know what, I am not afraid. I've been around a while and I know whats what and whos who.
Seniority is nice, but you know, it seems to me that if she wins she will be ostracized by the GOP leadership despite what she says about "them" hoping she beats "him." She says if she gets elected (by write in) that she will have a new portfolio from Alaskans. I can't see it. I really can't. She is gonna be put on notice by the GOP Leadership that if she wants to retain her rank (not her seniority) she will have to continue to play ball with their obstructionist games.
I am yet to hear ANY Republican candidate explain how we are going to bring jobs back to the United States. Not one. It's all repeal this, impound that and subpeona him. This election cycle has been utterly devoid of policy discussion and she has been just as guilty.
Am I scared what might happen if she doesn't get returned to office? Only if the Republican ON the ballot wins, and right now I think thats a far-fetched idea.
I have looked him in the eye, asked him tough questions and been sickened at the thought that he is the best Randy Ruderich and his pals (and anti-pals) could come up with. I am frightened that he is the embodiment of a political philosophy driven by the dreams of even more profit of a small circle of self-styled Capitalists (with a Capital C) who by their thoughts and deeds do more to bring discredit on the nobler aspitations of mankind than any patent evildoer.
Am I afraid what might befall the republic without her there, in the halls of the greatest debating society on Earth? Well, if it could still maintain that claim I might answer my own question. But it is no longer a debating society. It is no longer a deliberative body. "Loyal Opposition" was replaced with "How in hell did that Nigger get elected?" Yes, Jim DeMint, Yes Mitch McConnell. How in hell, indeed. Where was the Supreme Court when you needed it? If you can't lynch him from a tree, then lynch his agenda. Same difference, isn't it?
Am I afraid that without her "moderate" voice things might be worse in Washington? Quite frankly, the answer is no. I know she does not share the hateful attitudes of what Senators are forced to call their "Leadership" but by the same token the ascent of the Tea Party movement (not a bad thing, actually in some ways) will put absolutely undue pressure on Republican Congressmen (except Don Young) and Republican Senators in what used to be the Grand Old Party, the Party of Individual (even in the Bedroom AND the Doctors Office) Liberty to stay in lockstep with the wizard Karl Rove, witout question, without debate, without regard to what might actually be GOOD for the American People and the world.
Am I afraid that losing a Senator with a seniority number of 58 (and no real upward movement in sight for at least a few years) with one in the low 90's might have a negative impact on Alaska? Well, personally, No. What, Mark? Are you f-ing serious? Dude, you really need to sign a narcotics agreement...
No, I am not on drugs. I am being painfully pragmatic. For the reasons I have stated above, I am terribly afraid that she will be treated like a low-number Senator by the Leadership. After all, if she wins they will consider that she double-crossed the party. And besides there are a lot of Uncle Ted scores to be settled and it doesnt matter WHO is in the Senate, Alaska has a price to pay. If you don't think twwwstlij* hasn't been spilling her guts to McConnell, et al about all those evil government programs in Alaska and all the places that should be investigated by everyone from IG's to the FBI, then YOU are the ones who need to sober up.
No, I am not scared. I think if anyone needs to "man up" its the entire State. The gravy train is over. The 5 or 6 or 7 pro-skater lobbyists who make their quite adequate livings representing "Alaskan Interests" by dint of their connections to her are the ones panicking. Should we as voters GIVE A RATS ASS about them? Hell no.
If you don't uderstand the legislative process, go out and buy a Schoolhouse Rock dvd and watch it with your kids.
States don't get shortchanged because of the make up of their delegations. Change in Washington is a natural process. It happens. it's happened to Alaska.
Yes, we are a young State. Yes, we need more infrastructure (but does it all have to be on-base?) Those fine folks at the Association of General Contractors are worried, but as long as they remain friendly with the AFL-CIO they are OK. More concrete will be poured (on base) and the work will keep on coming. Congress doesn't bankroll box stores (please, don't tell me I am wrong on that) and if the oil industry REALLY wanted ANWR open, it would have happened already.
I really feel bad wriitng this and if it comes back to haunt me, so be it. We'll know tommorrow night or Wednesday morning. And Lisa, it isn't personal, ITS ABOUT ALASKA.
I'll vote for the man I ate lunch with in the hospital cafeteria, and I won't be afraid to do it.
Scott McAdams is on the ballot and I'll just fill in the oval.
I'm not afraid.

*the woman who was supposed to live in juneau


metanoia2k said...

I love your line about the lobbyists who will lose their jobs if Lisa doesn't win and who in the f*ck should care about them! Who, indeed.

Great piece, Mark. I'm posting it on my FB!


RockyMissouri said...

I pray Scott McAdams wins...

Anonymous said...

at least you are that liberal lovin lisa murkowski voter...who by the way stole the election. our tax dollars at work to provide a group of native ceos with plenty of retention bonuses...