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Thursday, January 20, 2011

LEAKED! The Safari Club Speech

From unidentified sources, we have received a copy of at least parts of the speech twwwstlij will deliver to that All-American organization, Safari Club International at their upcoming gun show.

"Thank you, Larry for that wonderful introduction. I especially appreciated your kind words about my daughters, and I want to share that one of the common phrases around our household- in fact my wonderful Dad Chuck first coined it many years ago when I was a small girl, and now Todd has taken it to heart, and its so good to hear you say it so often, git 'er done. Yes, its a favorite saying that is very meaningful to my family. Appreciate your patriotism, Larry. Dontcha love your freedom? So many of you here tonight. Carrying guns. Love it. Thank you, really.
During the private reception so many of you, so gracious, glad I made it. Yes, Todd is here. Todd, stand up. So pleased he could too be here tonight. He loves guns almost as much as I do.
You are such a wonderful crowd, reminded of an old saying, guns don't kill animals, hunters kill animals. And we are all hunters aren't we. Hunting is good, built America, noone more patriotic than the American Hunter, carrying his gun, dog along too lookin' for that food, that food for his family, to feed them and make them strong. And maybe, just maybe he might see a threat to his family or his community and what does he do? He uses his God given gun to protect them. Dog baying, coon treed, how American, that wonderful hunter doing his best for the country he calls home.
Now some of you know me. Yes, thank you, as you might know I was running in the Presidential Election a couple years ago. Thank you, God Bless You. And I ran, yesy I ran because I couldn't stand the thought of that sort of person trying to lead our country - and we all know which way this country is being led - and I knew that was how it would be and I wish, and I know you do too, that the election had turned out different.
Hunting is all about prizes, just like elections, and I repsect the wide range of prizes you give for catching famous animals and I just want you to know that of God opens that door for me I will be trying to catch a famous anmial myself in a couple of years.
I wonder of there is a Boone and Crockett prize for apes? 'Cuz I am gonna bag us one, for everyone, the biggest one I can find in a couple of years.
I can hear the coon dogs baying tonight, and it just gives me chills to think that I will be on that hunt.
You hunters have a lot to be proud of and I am proud to be one of you. I am sure you watched me shoot that caribou in Alaska. Have any of 'ya been to Alaska? Thank you, thank you, its a beautiful State and I hope more of you will get there soon. As Governor I did everything I could to help keep down the populations of wolfs and bears who as you know eat much more moose than people ever will, so more of you can come up to our beautiful State to hunt and fish. Believe me I saw plenty of bears when I was fishin' on my TV show. Aren't they magnificent creatures? And so warm when you walk on them as rugs on a cold winters day, too. Thank you. God Bless you.
I am just so glad to be here at your gun show, I just wish I had more time to spend there.
You hunters, your club, when you go on your hunts to places like the country of Africa, you do more for those people there than any foreign aid the government might send to them, When you go to Africa, you help Africans in their own country which is good, and President Obama needs to understand that the Second Amendment and your right to carry guns and to use them as you see fit does more for the African People than he ever will. Thank you. Thank you. Really appreciate it.

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