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Monday, January 17, 2011

She demonstrates her immense skill in crisis communications

telling the tingly-legged Hannity that although reporters were calling her and T(g)odd within hours of the Tuscon shootings, she didn't feel it was appropriate to comment until they had "all the information. We didn't have all the evidence."
Well 'cmon. If you wanted to look like any sort of a leader you would have said you were shocked like all Americans were by the tragedy that is unfolding in Tuscon, that the prayers of you and your family, and indeed all Americans go out to the victims and their loved ones, and that you have full faith in the ability of law enforcement and the criminal justice system to do its work.
Thats all.
Would have shut a lot of people up, since any reporters calling you in all likelihood would have prefaced your comments with a "we asked xxx for her reaction..."

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