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Thursday, April 10, 2003

Here's last night's official statement on Frank:
Governor Will Fly to Anchorage for Medical Tests

April 9, 2003
No. 03-080

(Juneau) - Governor Frank H. Murkowski will this evening fly to Anchorage for some routine medical tests as a result of becoming dehydrated over the last few days. His Chief of Staff, Jim Clark, released the following statement:

"The Governor is headed to Anchorage for some routine medical tests, on the advice of doctors here in Juneau. He got dehydrated on his flight back from Fairbanks last night, the fifth day a major speaking tour of Anchorage, Fairbanks and Kaktovik. He felt poorly this morning and decided he should see a doctor, which he did. The doctors here did not find anything wrong, and have referred him to Providence Hospital in Anchorage, just to be safe. He will be flying on a Life Flight because he is the Governor.
"We expect the Governor to resume his schedule soon. Meanwhile, we are carrying on business as usual in the Governor's Office."
Contact: John Manly, Press Secretary, 465-3995

"Life Flight" is Providence Hospital's medivac plane. So, the Governor was medivaced because the Juneau doctors "did not find anything wrong and referred him to Providence...just to be safe." First class on the evening jet would have been just as comfortable and as quick for getting to Anchorage. Dehydration is a medical condition, which generally can be easily treated, even in Juneau. So, should we be reading between the lines?
As of this posting we don't see any condition updates on either the wire or the Governors website.

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