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Friday, April 11, 2003

Seems ol' Fidel doesn't want to waste the good Cuban peoples money on long, drawn out appeals of capital cases.

Cuba Executes Men Charged in Hijacking
HAVANA (AP) - Three men charged with terrorism in last month's hijacking of a passenger ferry were executed Friday after summary trials this week, the government reported.
The men were prosecuted in summary trials for "very grave acts of terrorism'' on Tuesday and given several days to appeal the sentences, said a statement read on state television.
The death penalty sentence was upheld both by Cuba's Supreme Tribunal and the ruling Council of State and "at dawn today the sanctions were applied", said the statement. (more)

Well, Cuba IS in the south, isn't it"

Here is the longer wire version of the story.

The next time Senator Robin Taylor gets in to mood to push for the death penalty in Alaska, maybe he should have a field
hearing in Havana. Looks like Castro is more of a Republican than we ever imagined!

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